The Fraser Coast Pistol Club aims to promote the sports of pistol and
rifle shooting as enjoyable, safe and challenging recreational pursuits.


Two 25m and one 50m Pistol Ranges (with turning targets).
One Hundred Metre Metallic Silhouette Range.
Air Pistol and Air Rifle Range
50m Rimfire Rifle Range.
Rifle and Shotgun Range.
Canteen and Toilets.
IPSC Ranges.


Club Fees - 1st July fees

 $275.00 Adult

 $52.50 Junior


 General Information

Fraser Coast Pistol Club (Inc.) was formed and incorporated in mid 1991 and is affiliated with Pistol Shooting Queensland. The club is licensed to conduct matches for category A, B and H firearms and has a history of operating in a safe and responsible manner.
Members range in age from 11 to over 80 years of age and have been represented by many State IPSC and Service Pistol champions, both at junior and adult levels competing at National and International venues.


Application for Membership

Prospective members of the Fraser Coast Pistol Club should contact the club Secretary by phone, email or in writing (See Contact Us page on the main menu for details). You will be invited to attend the Range on a Match Competition day to meet some of the Management Committee Members and to look around the Club Range and observe a Match Competition. An application form and other relevant information can be supplied at this time. The forms, accompanied by membership fees are returned to the Secretary. The applicant will be notified by mail within four weeks. A six month probation period applies to all new members.


 Firearms Safety Courses

 Put your name down for the next safety course by phoning:

Steve Waddell 0419 493 922


Peter and Lynelle Vrbancic Phone (07) 54826202.


Official Opening of the our new Facilities

George Seymour



Councillor George Seymour Officially opening the new facilities on behalf of The Minister for Sport and Racing, The Hon Bill Byrne MLA.




Gerard O'Connell




Gerard O'Connell Mayor Fraser Coast Regional Council.






Michelle Sandstrom

 Michele Sandstrom, President of Pistol Shooters Queensland.


 Weapons Categories

Category A Weapons:
Air rifle.
Rimfire rifle (other than a self-loading rimfire rifle).
Single or double barrel shotgun.


Category B Weapons:
Muzzle-loading firearm.
Single shot centre rifle.
Double barrel centre fire rifle.
Repeating centre fire rifle.
Break action shotgun and rifle combination.


Category C Weapons:
Semiautomatic rimfire rifle with a magazine capacity no greater than 10 rounds.
Semiautomatic shotgun with a magazine capacity no greater than 5 rounds.
Pump action shotgun with a magazine capacity no greater than 5 rounds.


Category D Weapons:
Self-loading centre fire rifle designed or adapted for military purposes or a firearm that duplicates a rifle of that type in design, function or appearance.
Non-military style self-loading centre rifle with either an integral or detachable magazine.
Self-loading shotgun with either an integral or detachable magazine with a capacity of more than 5 rounds and a pump action shotgun with a capacity of more than 5 rounds.
Self-loading rimfire rifle with a magazine capacity of more than 10 rounds.


Category H Weapons:
A firearm including an air pistol and a blank-fire firearm, under 75 cm in length, other than a powerhead, is a category H weapon regardless of whether it has been rendered permanently inoperable.


Category M Weapons:
Crossbow designed to be discharged by the use of 1 hand (that is not a toy pistol crossbow) that when discharged is capable of causing damage or injury to property or capable of causing bodily harm.